Funk Guitarist - Tips & Tricks #1: Play-Along Bass

April 07, 2019

Most users never reads the manual - it takes too much time and you just want to get started, but that means we often miss cool features that will really make the product shine. Lets look at the Play Along Bass feature in Scarbee Funk Guitarist.
When you map and try different chords it is important that you are able to hear the bass/root note of the chord as this is often missing in the funk guitar style. This way you can use Scarbee Funk Guitarist as a great composer tool too, so that in any song you can have a bass play along as well.

In the user interface you can set the following:

LEVEL — the bass volume
MODEL — the type of bass samples
TIMING — how often to play bass notes

You instantly realize how inspiring this is as the chords suddenly makes sense! You will now also enjoy all the chord presets much more as the bass makes such a big difference to how we hear the songs.

Please note that the PLAY ALONG BASS feature is meant as an aid, but not really something that you would have turned on as part of a final production. In a later blog we will show you have you can make bass and guitar works a single unit.


Funk Guitarist - Tips & Tricks #2: Mapping Chords by Recording MIDI

April 10, 2019

You need good ears to create great music - that's the most important thing! So what about composer skills? Well sometimes - if not often - composers and producers today have limited knowledge of music theory. If you produce someone else's music or you made your own stuff, it's therefore not always certain that you know what chords are in the song.