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FAQ - Upgrades, updates & crossgrades

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Q: Does Native Instruments offer a cross grade from original SCARBEE products to the new versions?
A: No. I'm affraid not.

Q: I have Halion Player version of Vintage Keyboard Collection – can I get K4 updates too?.
A: No that is not possible as it is a different sample set. When we had own shop you could buy cross grade to Kontakt version but now shop is closed. However the price of NI version is same as original cross grade price so maybe you can consider to buy new version from Native Instruments.

Q: I have installed the K4 updates but instruments does not appear in Kontakt 4 as libraries like the new Native Instrument Libraries?
A: This is because they are still normal sample libraries. They can never be like virtual instruments as they are in a different format.

Q: Why can't I register my old Scarbee sample libraries with new K4 updates on Native Instrument website?
A: Because they are still Scarbee products and not NI products. We made the updates so our users would get same experience as with the new NI versions – but they are still sample libraries and can not suddenly become virtual instruments. The NI versions have compressed samples and own serial numbers. It will not be possible for NI to take over the old customers and convert your Scarbee libraries to NI products. Since the new NI/Scarbee products are large in size it would mean thousands of downloads + support, registration etc – for free. That is not possible.

Q: My new K4 updated libraries does not work in Kontakt 4 player – what is wrong?
A: Originally you purchased a sample library that required a FULL Kontakt sampler and this is still required with updates. If you want to use the k4 updates – you need FULL Kontakt 4 sampler.

Q: Is there a way for me to activate the 3 products (Red bass, Black amped 1 & 4) I own in the Kontakt 4 Player through Native Access app?
A: No this is not possible. These products are not NI’s.

Q: Can you issue new serial numbers that the Native Access app can recognize?

A: No. It is not possible.

Q: I load the samples into the player and they show up in Demo mode! I've already updated them to the Kontakt versions (MM-Bass, Jay-Bass, etc...) that they sell. Whats's wrong?
A: Yes - but these versions are still not NI products. It was meant as a nice gesture from Scarbee that we got permission to offer you an update with same graphics and functionality.