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Q: Is there any way I can reduce Kontakt CPU usage?
A: Yes. When ex. using Scarbee Classic EP-88s in Logic or another sequencer you can reduce CPU usage a lot by disabling some of the graphics. The CPU usage is bigger the more complex a Snapshot Presets is:  if it uses a lot of FXs, Vibrato, EQ etc it will use more power.

Scarbee Classic EP-88s Full view

With Full view Kontakt uses quite a lot of CPU for displaying keyboard and instrument graphics.

Scarbee Classic EP-88s No Keyboard

Disabling the keyboard view will help a little.

Scarbee Classic EP-88s No Performance view

Clicking on the little PV button to the right of the VOLUME slider will toggle GUI on/off. This saves even more CPU. Finally - closing the Kontakt window will really make a change in CPU usage.

Multicore off

Remember ONLY to use Multiprocessor control in your sequencer so go to KONTAKT OPTIONS (Cog wheel) and under ENGINE set "Multiprocessor support (AU - Plugin) to OFF.