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FAQ - Discontinued Products

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Q: What happened to SCARBEE Vintage Keyboard FX?
A: This product is now taken over by Overloud. All support must now be directed to them. Legitimate owners of VKFX can register at Overloud web page and get future updates by visiting

Q: Could you tell me if the SCARBEE Mark I sold by Native Instruments has the same or similar EFFECTS as those that used to be sold as SCARBEE Vintage Keyboard FX?
A: No it is not exactly same effects as the NI version uses Kontakt's internal effects.

Q: I own Imperial Drums XL – what happened to this product?
A: In 2005 Simone Coen decided to leave the Scarbee team to make his own company Chocolate Audio and took his drum sounds with him. We therefore had to discontinue product by the end of 2005. We no longer offer support of this product but suggest you contact them directly at