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FAQ - Basses

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Q: I'm the owner of  PRE-BASS but have no midi controller and no sustain pedal. Is it possible to do a slides without'em? Just like keyswitches which I press by drawing suitable notes right in piano-roll of FL Studio?
A: Yes - just draw the sustain pedal values cc64 in controller window. 127 is ON.

Q: I have Red Bass and loaded Combi version – however I get no slap sound?
A: Turn the Mod-wheel all way up to value 127.

Q: On my new bass library the sustained notes don't work for me. In the manual it says to hold down A1. What am I doing wrong?
A: It is -A1 key – the lowest A on an 88 keyboard.

Q: I bought the original J-Slap n' Fingered library and updated to Red Bass and then updated to Jay Bass. I'm about to do a complete fresh install of my computer and am wondering if I need to install J-Slap n Fingered and Red Bass and Jay Bass or can I just install Jay Bass. Do I need to install all three libraries?
A: You need all of the original samples.