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Diversity Dreamer

Diversity Dreamer

This is a music project by Thomas Hansen Skarbye in a genre fusion consisting of Alternative, Indie Pop/Rock, SynthPop, DancePop, Dance-Punk, New Wave and Electronica - based on remix and re-recordings of older songs: "In Time" (1988), "Beautiful Day" (2000) , "Bizarre Karma Rule" (2007)) and "Go" (2013) . Alternative, New Wave, Indie Pop/Rock. New vocals were recorded for "In Time" and "Go".

I had a wish to finalise some songs that I never got to release when they were originally composed. Even re-mixed today - the songs do suffer from the DNA of the times they were written and therefore don't have a current structure or sound. The whole way of composing and arranging a song - including the way you construct vocal lines has - developed a lot since. Now I look forward to work on newly composed stuff.

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Beautiful DayDiversity Dreamer - In TimeDiversity Dreamer - Go!Diversity Dreamer - Bizarre Karma Rule

SCARBEE products used in songs:

SCARBEE JAY-BASS : Beautiful Day.

SCARBEE RICKENBACKER® BASS : Bizarre Karma Rule, In Time.

SCARBEE CLASSIC EP-88S : Bizarre Karma Rule.



* A Native instrument release.


Thomas Hansen Skarbye: 
Producer, all vocals, bass, keyboards, synths, virtual instruments & drum programming.

Guest musicians and producers:

Jonas Horsted: Producer, Keyboards, synths & drum programming on "Bizarre Karma Rule".
Bjørn Ginman: acoustic guitars on "In Time".
Stefan Kengen: background vocals on "In Time".
Christian Pedersen: guitar solo on "Go", guitars/guitar solo on Bizarre Karma Rule".

All songs are recorded in the Scarbee Studio.