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Welcome Native Instruments Users!

Feel free to sign up to our newsletter or check out our SCARBEE Exclusive Products - that are NOT a part of the Native Instruments KOMPLETE portefolio - like the Scarbee Classic EP-88s.

If you are sent here by Native Instruments product installers - Please read this:

Q: I can't activate Komplete/Komplete Ultimate/Maschine.
A: It’s because you are not allowed to skip the SCARBEE website pop-up when installing your NI Komplete/Komplete Ultimate or Maschine.

The solution to your problem is NOT to cancel the SCARBEE website pop-up. Juts let it appear (same as with the other NI partner pages) – and then you can either sign the Newsletter or just close the page. If that doesn't help you please contact Native Instruments NI Support.

Do not send support questions to SCARBEE. Native Instruments takes care of ALL support of SCARBEE products released by them. So this is your first stop.