New studio and projects!

September 14, 2018

First of all - I apologize for shutting down our webshop in May - but at that time all the GDPR stuff seemed overwhelming and I wanted to be sure all was ok before continuing. Im an artist, composer, singer and bass player - who happens to like to create virtual instruments - and that's very different from being a businessman... with an interest in music.

You guys know what I mean right? All the business stuff are something we have to do to make a living - but its not what we are here for.

I love making music, singing, playing the bass and I also like to create my software. But it is two different ways of using yourself: creating music is an emotional journey where creating software is more like a doing DNA research in a bunker.

So why did I re-open shop? Because it gives me freedom to create and I also think that my dear customers - you guys - should have the option to shop in our own place - where our products are easy to spot. It's also a pleasure to have the tighter relationship with you - which have given me many good experiences.

All the SCARBEE products are now back in the shop and the prices are in your own currency.

1 EUR = 1 USD

I must try to balance that more in the future and this summer I started a music project called Diversity Dreamer - Im currently recording the vocals for the first song and it should be out in November.

Me and my wife Anne have also worked on our new studio that is bigger and very comfortable to work in. The sound is excellent and the vibe is great!

In October - Søren Reiff and I will start the recordings of Scarbee Funk Guitarist 2 and as you see on the photo the Nashville Tele is already hooked up. ;)

Hope to see you again and thanks for your support


Thomas Hansen Skarbye


Scarbee Funk Guitarist featured on GO!

April 01, 2019

SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST are featured on the new single by Diversity Dreamer: GO! - using the "Second Guitar" option for doubling it.

Listen to the music at


SCARBEE Sounds featured on new Single!

December 17, 2018

Diversity Dreamer - Bizarre Karma Rule

Two SCARBEE instruments are featured on this first single from Diversity Dreamer: SCARBEE RICKENBACKER® BASS  (both normal and palm-muted) and SCARBEE CLASSIC EP-88S.

Listen to the music at


We want you back!

October 08, 2018

On May 25 SCARBEE deleted 41.000 subscribers from our mailinglist as we did not get consent in time. For a small company like us it's a disaster as you can imagine... We had collected these emails legally over 12 years from our website.